Ref. HWV German Title. Brockes Passion (Der für die Sünde der Welt gemarterte und sterbende Jesus). English Title. Passion after. Barthold Hinrich Brockes was a prolific poet of the early-German Enlightenment. From a literary standpoint Brockes’s most important and, indeed, voluminous. Sunday, March 25, | P.M.. Friday, March 30, | P.M.. ​. Christ the King Lutheran Church. Rice Boulevard, Houston. The Passion is.

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Assaf Kacholi ; Alto [Judas]: Since the German-born Handel had been resident in London. Dmitri Hvorostovsky – Arie Antiche [P-1].

Sociedad Haendel de Buenos Aires: Brockes Passion, HWV 48 [ I personally do not think that these roles are necessarily gandel, so in the brkckes of the Passion we hear individual voices expressing personal statements which should all invite an equally individual reaction from each single listener. If you are a library, university or other organisation that would be interested in an institutional subscription to Gramophone please click here for further information.

George Frideric Handel’s lost Hamburg operas List of operas.

Handel Brockes-passion

Jane Shuttleworth is a choral singer and recorder player, and specialises in Renaissance, baroque and modern music. Stadtsingechor Halle Choir Master: Commentators are, on the whole, lukewarm in their assessment of Handel’s Brockes Passion.

Katalin Farkas has an attractive voice habdel an impressive technique but she, alone, amongst the soloists finds difficulty in settling in the centre of her notes.

Bach 2 nd performance: Water Music Music for the Royal Fireworks. Nevertheless, his images are striking and evidently of a kind that made appeal to composers of the late Baroque. Skip to main content.


In both he is impressive not only for his dependable musicianship but also for the degree of characterization which he introduces to them. Hamburg,and in pasxion of passion performances, with the Brockes text being presented for artistic comparison in four different settings of R. Composed by Georg Frideric Handel – London, c? The chorales occupy a comparatively small part of Brockes’s scheme and generally occur at the end of major events in the Passion story.

Barthold Hinrich Brockes was a prolific poet of the early-German Enlightenment.

Handel’s Brockes Passion

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3. In contrast with that, Guy de Mey’s Peter conveys an effective anxiety, the inner conflict, on one hand, and a reflective lyricism such as we find in the poignant ”Schau, ich fall” in strenger Busse”, on the other. The hansel and realistic drama of Handel’s Brockes Passion. Academy of St Martin-in-the-Fields.

Paassion of the sentiment expressed here is frankly commonplace and, at times, banal to twentieth-century sensibilities, but as I bdockes, it served its purpose several times over and was highly regarded in Handel’s time.

The Brockes Passion is no exception, and Handel connoisseurs will undoubtedly recognize many such re-workings, especially in regard to compositions from that particular period like the oratorios Esther and Deborah. Dirk Kleinke ; Bass [Jesus]: It might not appear, on the fact of it, that an approach such as that could offer the poet much in the way of an original contribution, yet an expressive individuality does emerge from the many contemplative numbers as well as passino and a grandeur of design which are in accordance with a prevailing spirit of the period.

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Mattheson on a series of four evenings. Krebs was, for me, the finest interpreter of the Evangelist’s role in the Bach Pasaion and Klietmann sounds an impressive successor to him. How to add your events to Bachtrack. For many eighteenth-Century composers, however, the importance of Brockes as a writer lay in his Passion oratorio libretto, Der fur die Sunden der Welt gemarterte und sterbende Jesus ”Jesus martyred and dying for the wickedness of the world”.

She and the orchestra are too often at odds where pitch is concerned and, though it is a small matter, not enough, perhaps, to give rise to serious concern, it is especially noticeable in a context where other singers are so dependable.

Passions-Pasticcio mit Arien von G. Persons of the Gospel story Jesus, Peter, Pilate, etc. Falk Joost ; Bass [Arias]: Handel provides only the first stanza of the three-stanza concluding chorale, No. To sum up, the solo singing, the stylish approach, the lively and affectionate direction have resulted in a splendid achievement.

Handel Brockes-passion |

M-1 The Stanford Archive Series: Brockes Passion [P-1] Handel: With the Brlckes Passion I strongly feel that the music and text alone should be sufficient to move the audience wherever they may want to go. Schau, wie ich mich quale” is just one of such instances. The four-part choruses provide the turba element and the reflective numbers, far and away the most passioj feature in the work, are set in a variety of ways.